About SFOP

Erika Katske, Co-Director

Erika Katske has been an organizer at SFOP since May of 2004. She accepted the role as Associate Director in 2007 and later served as the interim co-director until her appointment as Executive Director in April 2008. She has been the lead organizer on our violence prevention work, in our expansion initiative with Jewish congregations and most recently on our education work. Prior to coming to SFOP, Erika organized in New York City, building a citywide leadership team by organizing in public schools and surrounding communities. She has experience in nonprofit management including fundraising, volunteer/parent/leader recruitment, increasing dues-paying memberships and assisting with grants and events. Erika graduated Magna Cum Laude from Smith College with a BA in Sociology.



Dr. Jennifer Martinez, Co-Director

Jennifer has been an organizer with the PICO National Network since 2001. She worked for the San Francisco Organizing Project in 2001-2005 where her work focused on affordable housing and public education reform. She joined Peninsula Interfaith Action in 2011 as Interim Director and was made Executive Director in 2012. Jennifer is the lead staff member of our Housing and Land Use campaigns and our Bay Area regional work. In addition, she oversees staff supervision and fund development for the organization.

Jennifer has a BA from Stanford University and an MA and PhD from the University of Nottingham in England. Her graduate research focused on social movement strategies in the struggle for housing and land rights in Venezuela and South Africa. In 2011, her PhD won the British International Studies Association thesis of the year award. Jennifer has several published works and, in addition to being a participant in faith-based movement-building, continues to write about the ways in which social movements transform people and places.


Angel Santuario, Community Organizer

Angel organizes predominantly in East Palo Alto, around issues of housing and violence prevention.



Teshone Jones, Community Organizer

Teshone Jones came to SFOP after working as an organizer with the Clean Air Defense Campaign in Arlington, VA.  She is a North Carolina native, and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a BA in African American Studies.  Teshone’s organizing work is inspired by her experience working with a young 3rd grader that could not read.  While working with this young boy, who was a product of a failing education system and a community in the midst of economic crisis, Teshone was introduced to community organizing in a local community center.  Through this work, Teshone has come to know that organizing is the only way through which communities of color can advocate for a quality education system and create avenues for sustainable economic opportunity.



Lorena Melgarejo, Lead Organizer

Lorena is the Lead Organizer, working jointly with SFOP and the Office of Public Policy & Social Concerns, Archdiocese of San Francisco. SFOP began partnering with the Archdiocese in the fall of 2010 to work on the Justice for Immigrants Campaign. Lorena has continued that work, focusing on San Francisco’s immigrant communities. Lorena previously worked for SFOP, organizing in schools in the early 2000s. Lorena has been organizing for more than 15 years.



Aracely Mondragón, Community Organizer

Aracely organizes in San Mateo County around affordable housing, immigration, and healthcare. Before she graduated from Stanford in 2013 with a B.A. in Comparatives Studies in Race and Ethnicity, she served as a coordinator at the chican@/latin@ community center and chaired many student organizations with educational, cultural, and political missions. Aracely’s experiences as the daughter of immigrants informs her work with immigrant communities in San Mateo County.



Elizabeth McDonald-Zwoyer, Communications Specialist

Elizabeth joined SFOP in September 2012 as an administrative assistant, after working for a number of small nonprofit foundations in her hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana. Elizabeth was raised by social justice-minded parents, and this upbringing led her to see organizing as the best way to live a faith-informed life and the most effective way to make lasting change in the most disenfranchised communities. She earned a B.A. in Sociology and Gender Studies from Smith College in 2011.



Cynthia Hinestroza, Operations Manager

Since 2010, Cynthia’s volunteer work with Peninsula Interfaith Action has helped her to see the importance of community members raising their voices. Engagement with community organizations since 1998 has enabled her to understand the many needs in our communities and allowed her to work for change. Along with her studies in Social Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations, her experience over the past 13 years in the day-to-day school business as an administrative assistant at Garfield Charter School in Menlo Park, where she worked to ensure effective communication with staff, parents, students and the community-at-large, will inform her efforts to maintain strong relationships among individuals and communities.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart – Helen Keller


SFOP has been developing leaders in San Francisco congregations, schools and community centers for 25 years. We believe that San Francisco can be a city for all.
Eleanor Williams, Former SFOP Board President

SFOP/PIA Executive Board

Deacon John Sequeira, Co-Chair
Leader at St Bartholomew Church, San Mateo

Gloria Stofan, Treasurer
Leader at St Peter Church, Pacifica

Jessy Delgado, Co-Chair
Leader at St. Peter’s Catholic Church, San Francisco

Michael Pulizzano
Leader at Star of the Sea Catholic Church, San Francisco

Abra Greenspan, Secretary
Leader in Jewish Organizing, San Francisco Peninsula