Issues & Results

SFOP reaches a broad constituency of people who aren’t engaged in the regular political process, particularly low-income folks that don’t often have a voice.
Glenn Eagleson, Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development

SFOP gets and maintains results through our community-focused organizing work:

  • We build power by developing leaders in community institutions and by taking action to win on specific issues and to build strong partnerships with public officials and other decision-makers in our city.y
  • We value the racial, ethnic, religious and economic diversity of San Francisco and are fighting to maintain it. We provide a safe place for leaders to confront issues of difference and to build relationships across usual barriers.
  • We engage our leaders in taking a stand on key policy issues and implementing winning campaigns that improve our city.
  • We cultivate a healthy organization that is both stable and flexible. We work to achieve balance in work and life for staff and leaders, and we all work to generate financial resources for effective, sustainable work.

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