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A Home for the Holidays

Rev. Gloria del Castillo, vicar of El Buen Samaritano Episcopal Church, needs our help! A champion in the victorious fight for the CA Homeowner Bill of Rights, she is in danger of losing her home due to dual-tracking, which is when a bank forecloses on a home while the owner is in negotiation with the bank to modify their loan agreement. Take four minutes to help Rev. Gloria stay in her home through the Holidays.

1. Call Citigroup Corporate Headquarters: (212) 559-1000 and ask for “Michael Corbat,” Citigroup’s CEO.

2. When the robot asks you if you are trying to reach Michael Corbat, say “Yes.” You will then be connected to the CEO’s office.

3. Tell them your name and that you would like to lodge a complaint with the CEO on behalf of Rev. Gloria del Castillo, whose home is being foreclosed upon. Tell them to cancel the auction of Rev. Gloria del Castillo’s home, explain that even though she has been in negotiations with CitiBank about her loan, she recently received notice that her home will be auctioned off on December 31st, one day before the Homeowner Bill of Rights goes into effect, making this practice of dual-tracking illegal in California.

4. In case they ask: Rev. Gloria’s phone number is (510) 837-1430, she serves a church in San Francisco and lives in El Sobrante, California.

Learn more about Rev. Gloria Del Castillo

Losing Home, Fighting Back – Rev. Gloria’s story from Stephen Eyer on Vimeo.

Rev. Gloria is pictured below with CA State Senator Noreen Evans, who spearheaded the effort for the CA Homeowner Bill of Rights, which will prevent foreclosures such as the one Rev. Gloria is facing – the day after CitiBank wants to auction off Rev. Gloria’s home.

Rev Gloria and Senator Noreen Evans

Together we can defeat this injustice! After calling CitiBank (212-559-1000), please share Rev. Gloria’s story on Facebook and Twitter (#home4holidays).