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Our state is in a 9 billion budget deficit. The way that California has continued to balance the books is on the backs of the poor – cuts to education, health & human services, public safety, and other critical resources our families depend on to achieve their dreams.

Power. Use it or lose it.

This November the future of our state will be decided at the polls – we have an opportunity and a mandate to shape the future of our state, city, and communities. Proposition 30 is a revenue measure that will raise 6 billion dollars for education and free up 5 billion to restore cuts to vital services such as health care for low income and the elderly and public safety. We must ensure this measure passes by using one of the most powerful and underutilized tools we have as grass-roots faith-based leaders: the vote.


SFOP is embarking on a journey to turn out 7,000 new and unlikely voters to the polls in order to reclaim California’s future. This ambitious goal will require 405 shifts of phonebanking between Aug.22nd & Sept. 9th. We are working with over a dozen congregations and schools who have joined this campaign and committed time and people to educate their people about Prop 30 and the power of the vote.

Define the Situation. Control the outcome.

Jesse Jackson on using the power of the Vote

Below is a map of our congregations and schools across the city that are part of our campaign 

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In order to reach implement our plan and reach our goal we need YOU. Please sign up NOW for phonebanking or canvassing by calling Stephen Leeper (415-828-6653) or filling out the form below:


For more Information on Prop 30 please see the link below for the factsheet:

Reclaim California’s Future Fact Sheet (English)

Reclaim California’s Future Fact Sheet (Spanish)